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Back button - always goes to top of page

 mchamden1 ·  
mchamden1mchamden1 Members  541WRX Points: 101Posts: 541 Golden Tee
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Sorry, not sure if this had been addressed, or even how to best describe.
When I used to click on a post, read, and hit the back button (mobile, Safari), it would automatically return to the spot where the original post I clicked on was. Now it always goes to the top of the page, so I lose my place. Not the biggest deal, but annoying!

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  • clinkinfoclinkinfo Members  941WRX Points: 230Posts: 941 Golden Tee
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    Actually, I've noticed odd behavior as well with the back button, on all platforms/browsers, but it's a little different.

    No matter what device I use, when I click back it immediately goes "back" to the spot I was on. However, the screen is momentarily frozen and then will suddenly reload. In the reload, it will then move up and put me higher up on the page as well.

    This seems to be the only site that has this behavior, and agreed, it's super annoying because you keep loosing your place!

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • nsxguynsxguy Just anudder user FloridaMembers  7452WRX Points: 1,520Handicap: 3.9-9.3-7.7 (Health issue)Posts: 7,452 Titanium Tees
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    This seems to be the only site that has a LOT of strange behaviors. LOL

    The paging , scrolling, etc. on this software is terrible. Has been from Day 1.

    I don't have a "Back" button as I use a MAC but the normal effect of hitting the back button, as I understand it, s/b the same as hitting the back "arrow" to the left (usually) of the URL in your address bar; that is to take you back a PAGE, not relocate to a previous position on the same page (unless you got to that spot on the current page by hitting a link).

    Hang on guys. Rumor is there's something afoot,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • clinkinfoclinkinfo Members  941WRX Points: 230Posts: 941 Golden Tee
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    I’m not sure why you don’t think you have a back button on a Mac, you do. But regardless, the back button is supposed to take you back to the page you just left in the position you left it at when you clicked through. In all cases, that’s what it will do EXCEPT here. Here it does that, and takes me to the exact correct page location, but then Immediately freezes. A few seconds later, the page reloads on its own and I’m in a different location.

  • nsxguynsxguy Just anudder user FloridaMembers  7452WRX Points: 1,520Handicap: 3.9-9.3-7.7 (Health issue)Posts: 7,452 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  edited Jul 29, 2020 #5

    Correct, the back button should take you back to the previous page AND the location on that page you were at when you went forward. I'm not surprised at anything this software does when scrolling, going back, jumping to a previous quote, whatever.

    And I don't mean to get into an argument, but while I think there is a way to re-code my "Delete" button to be a "Back" button, I don't see ANY button labeled "Back".

    Don't need it anyway since my hand is virtually always on the mouse and a 2 finger swipe to the left goes "back".

    Post edited by nsxguy on

  • hurley999shurley999s Members  846WRX Points: 422Posts: 846 Golden Tee
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    The back button on a Mac is literally the arrow pointing to the left at the top of a Safari browser.

    that said, on mobile this issue has been persistent and is infuriating.

    Its the only website that I’ve used that has this kind of crap behavior. It reminds you of those stupid web ads that immediately pop up after the page loads and when you go to click, your page jumps and you click the ad.

    anyway, here’s some further feedback - not that it’ll be used for anything because I’ve posted it before...

    when you click to go back, everything OP said happens. There is some nuance to it though. If you click back and don’t touch anything else, the page will appear to be where you left off, reload, and then go back to where you were. The key is you can’t touch your screen at all - no swiping or anything. It’s frustrating because you have to wait 5+ seconds each time for this whole operation to conclude.

    If you click back then swipe or try to click a different link, when the page freezes and reloads, it will stay at the top.

    Lose lose either way.

  • nsxguynsxguy Just anudder user FloridaMembers  7452WRX Points: 1,520Handicap: 3.9-9.3-7.7 (Health issue)Posts: 7,452 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  edited Jul 29, 2020 #7

    Understood. And I mentioned the browser's back button as well. I referred to a back button on my MAC and @clinkinfo said I have one on my "MAC". Perhaps that's the disconnect with that.

    But like clink mentioned earlier there are definitely issues related to THIS site, especially when scrolling within a page.

    e.g. I scroll up away from your post, click on clink's profile and come "back". Instead of coming back to clink's post where I clicked on his username, it comes back to YOUR post, i.e. where I originally came to this page, not where I was when I left it. Other sites work properly and always go back and forth from where you were on the previous/next page, scrolling or not.

    Now, that said, I am on a desktop and both you and the OP specifically mentioned "mobile" so I suppose there could be some differences there as well. Mobile browsers, as I'm sure you know, are typically "reduced" versions of the real thing. Also there are condensed versions of the site to reduce data usage and the full desktop version, which can be toggled back and forth on your mobile.

    Anyway, when I go "back" from this page to the forum listing it does NOT go back to the top of the page. The topic to get here is in the same position as it was when I last came here, so that part works on the desktop. But giong forward and then coming back here always goes to your post - which is how it got here from the forum listing.

    Let's hope the next wrx is a more common and much more feature-rich. Hopefully that won't be too far away.


    Edited to add - when I clicked on "Post Comment" and my post was added it STILL wne to the beginning of your post so I would say clearly the software is not holding onto your last position on the current page but instead holding onto the original point where you first GOT to this page.

    A "bug" ? Or a "feature" ? LMAO


  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • HackerD  HackerD Student of the game Members  3239WRX Points: 191Posts: 3,239 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  edited Jul 29, 2020 #8

    This has been said but you need to let page finish loading after you hit back button, then you’re good. Unfortunately that can take several seconds. And I think it only happens when you start from the Recent Discussions list. If you’re browsing straight from one of the forum pages it doesn’t seem to happen. Maybe Recent Discussions refreshes which takes a little longer....

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  • nsxguynsxguy Just anudder user FloridaMembers  7452WRX Points: 1,520Handicap: 3.9-9.3-7.7 (Health issue)Posts: 7,452 Titanium Tees
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    This site does load very slowly and I doubt it's just the ads.


  • clinkinfoclinkinfo Members  941WRX Points: 230Posts: 941 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #10

    that doesn’t work for me, the page is fully loaded and hitting back still causes the freeze and reload


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